‘Christina La Aureo’ or Christina The Golden, also known by ‘Christeeezay’ and ‘Golden Onion’, is a young visionary making her way to the top, while attending the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts as a Visual Arts major, where she studies Fine and Modern Art in drawing and painting, Pottery and Sculpture, and her favorite, Graphic, Web and Media Design. Though seen as an artist, she’s many more things than that – a pessimistic poet, a food connoisseur, a mediocre photographer, a ‘selfie’ slave, a DIYer, and especially, a style aficionado. Though currently residing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Oakland, California is her hometown, and where she spends every summer until she can finally move back, while also being one of her biggest inspirations. All the while, she’s creating her own presence in this world with her various forms of art and style. Along the way, she’s decided to create this blog, to share all she creates, her individual style, her guides and opinions to it all, the big and little steps, and all the golden moments in between. Why not follow along the way?

Live gold, stay gold. The Golden Lifestyle, by Christina The Golden.

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